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Our Terms and Conditions

As a condition of use, you are bound by certain terms that you need to follow while using our website. In case the user is found to be violating one or more of the below mentioned guidelines, we hold the right to terminate the associated account. These terms of use are intended to govern your use of Indore Dekho and its subsequent pages.


  1. Accepting the terms

    1. When you create an account with Indore Dekho or simply use our website to look for certain pieces of information, you agree to these terms and conditions.

    2. In case you disagree with the below mentioned terms, either fully or partially, you must discontinue any further use of the website right after.


  1. Who can use Indore Dekho

    1. Although we want our services to be as open and accessible as possible, you need to be eligible in accordance with the governing laws at your place of access to continue using the contents of Indore Dekho.

    2. In order to be counted as a valid user, you should not have any history of previously reported/discarded accounts with Indore Dekho.

  2. Copyright Notice

    1. All the rights to this website and the contents and/or services delivered through this website are owned by Indore Dekho

    2. You cannot reproduce any of the copyrighted material in any way unless you are permitted by the website owner or you agree to proper attribution to Indore Dekho.


  1. Accounts and Cancellation

    1. As an end-user, you can register with our website only after agreeing to the mentioned terms and conditions.

    2. It is your responsibility to make sure your account is not used by someone other than you.

    3. For any act concerned with your account that violates our usage terms of usage, the account owner will be held responsible for the same.

    4. In case an account is found to be violating our policies, we may suspect your account without any prior notice.

    5. In case you feel something isn’t right with your account, you must inform us in writing to help us take necessary actions.


  1. Directory Listing

    1. Indore Dekho isa open to business listings for all kinds of businesses, unless you are prohibited by the governing laws

    2. While submitting your details and creating your business profile with us, you should make sure to comply with our terms.

    3. Once your listing is accepted by Indore Dekho, we hold the complete rights to present it on our website for an indefinite time.

    4. You agree that all the submitted information is true to your best knowledge.

    5. As a listing owner, you should not try to impersonate any other business that you don't have the authority for.

    6. As an end-user looking for information, you are free to use our website, unless and until you are following the provided guidelines.

    7. We do not hold any responsibility for the information listed by different businesses. You are advised to act on your own discretion when looking into such information on our website.


  1. Updates

    1. We hold all the rights to update these terms of use for the website at any point in time, without any prior notice.

    2. In case any of the updated guidelines affect your usages practices that violate the then updated terms, we may or may not warn you before suspending your account.