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Our Privacy Policy

As an online information listing website, we ensure that none of your data is misused. But since we collect the necessary information to optimize the best user experience for our visitors, here are the outlines of our privacy policy that you should review in case you are concerned with any of the privacy issues.


  1. Information we collect and how we use it

Information such as your name, email address, and contact details are stored to help you create an account with us and save your preferences and other settings that are used every time you log in with our website. Also, when you create your listing with us, we have to store certain primary information to serve our audience. We do not expose or sell any such data to database vendors or other such websites.

  1. Cookies

We employ cookies to store your session related data such as your account details used for logging in, your systems notification settings, and other such information. All this information is used to provide a customized experience to you while navigating through our website. You can opt-out of this and disable cookies from your browser settings at any point in time.

  1. Log Files

To keep track of any kind of trouble or errors experienced on our website, we may maintain a log of all user sessions along with the behavior of the error. This is intended to further smoothen your experience with Indore Dekho.

  1. Search Queries

Our website may have certain search inputs to facilitate easy browsing and serve you with desirable results. In such cases, we may save your search queries just to learn more about the type of content/listings our visitors are looking for. We do not intend to use it elsewhere for any other purpose than mentioned above.

  1. Third-party Websites

We may use tools such as Google analytics to get certain insights into the website’s performance and visitors. Thus, websites such as Google may collect some of your publicly available data that we have no control of. To learn more about their policies, refer to the respective third-party website.

These privacy policies may be updated at any point in time. Please keep an eye over this space for any such update. In case you have any further queries regarding our privacy policies, feel free to reach out to us.